E-Commerce enabled website for a large cloud hosting company in Toronto. Project involved building a branding and PR strategy, product development, integration with credit card processors and support (CMS) platforms.

The project involved WordPress customization, integration of SAAS / Cloud automation platform, Integration of cloud automation platform & development of a branding & online marketing strategy.

Group3 Corp. website development experts worked with the client for over a decade, met on regular basis and evaluated the ever changing requirements, industry trends and sales data.  New online marketing strategies and platforms (such as display ads, re-targeting / re-marketing) were adopted, tweaked and optimized per client provided sales and conversion data on daily basis.

Our content writers helped the client maintain a live blog and social media presence and managed the company PR and newsletters and eventually built a brand that was known internationally and to date.

Group3 website developers, also worked closely with the company’s infrastructure engineers and integrated the website with various automation / E-Commerce solutions and enabled company’s website visitors’  behavioral actions and tracked activities in every step of the way, till converted to a satisfied client.

All of this translated to total of 10’s of millions of dollars in online sales.