The project involved WordPress customization, Integration of  Woocommerce onto the WordPress and enabling payment (Credit card) gateways for the shopping cart operation.

Group3 Corp. online marketing experts evaluated the target audience and defined an online marketing and branding strategy for the client. With a sound marketing strategy, Website design and development team built the website, content and visual components with all the essential search engine optimization, Interoperability (among many mobile and desktop platforms) & accessibility principals.

Once this E-Commerce Website development was over, ad creatives were created- based on the color theme and target audience- and paid marketing campaigns were defined, budgeted and launched. The ads were published on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and linked-in- All with re-marketing integrated tags following and chasing the visitors on other image based ad networks- allowing the client ads to be seen on website such as CNN, YouTube, CNet and many other content networks.