The project involved WordPress customization, UI/UX Design, Shopping cart and payment gateway integration, blog and content writing, search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Group3 online marketing experts spent weeks reviewing the similar players in the target space and identified the gaps they could fill in. A marketing and branding strategy was put together, an image for the brand was assumed and eventually a very elegant logo was created along with a set of creatives for the website.

Our expert website designers then came up with a color scheme, UI/UX design for a website in the wedding industry. WordPress was the choice content management system for the website as well as the blog.

Once the online presence and website was already established, our content writers helped the client to build a live blog and social media pages- enabling us to generate related content and perform search engine optimization and content marketing.

Future plans are to create a second version of the site with extensive listing of vendors in the space, and a shopping cart integration allowing the client to sell wedding related products as well as marketing services online.