The project involved WordPress customization. We also utilized a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to accelerate content delivery. After the website was done, in the next phase, our marketing experts helped the client to develop a meaningful online marketing strategy and the campaigns were set up.

In order to create the website, Group3 Corp. website development experts gathered customer requirements in terms of the look & feel , color scheme and target audience. A very simplistic look and feel was selected and website development processes initiated. Due to the customer requirements of frequent updates and possibly a blog, WordPress was selected as the platform, it was then customized per customer requirements.

Group3 marketing exerts also evaluated the target visitors and defined an online marketing and branding strategy for the client, enabling the Website design and development team to properly plan and execute all of the SEO/SEM, Mobile friendly and accessibility considerations while building the website

Once this Website development was done, ad creatives were created- based on the color theme and target audience- and paid marketing as well as re-targeting campaigns were defined, budgeted and launched. The ads were published on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and linked-in.